We live and breathe measurement as arte[s] me[nsioni]s - craftsmanship.   

Our strength is  power , our expertise is  automation industry 4.0 . Our service are  individual solutions.  We offer measuring equipment for power and power quality and carry out measurements and assessments according to international standards and norms - such as EN50160 or IEC61000-4-30. We also offer training courses on these topics. 

Power - Messgeräte zur Erfassung von Störungen


measuring instruments for the detection of faults and bottlenecks in electrical power grids | monitoring and early warning systems

entire networking of measured data with data from other systems

vollständige Vernetzung der Messdaten mit Daten aus anderen Systemen

development know-how according to your requirements  | individual, exclusive and system-integrative

Entwicklungs-Know-How auch für Ihre Ansprüche | individuell, exklusiv und systemintegrativ

Messen als Service

MEASURING AS A SERVICECloud-data services | measuring services

Vernetzen Sie sich mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus der ganzen Welt. 

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TIF 2023 "Engineering the Future." 

12. – 15. Juni 2023

Tektronix Innovation Forum TIF 2023
Tektronix Innovation Forum - Engineering the Future.

AM-4-MoCa. Measurement to go. 

Der kommunikative, robuste und anregende AM-4-MoCa für Ihren Feldeinsatz. 
Verstaut im robusten Transportkoffer ist der AM-4 zusammen mit dem notwendigen Zubehör sicher verpackt. 

You always have an alternative.

Using alternative energy is trendy and definitely one of our goals. That's how quickly a photovoltaic system can be set up if you have the right team.

Video: ARTEMES GmbH with the consent of all involved parties 


[Energie] Effizient. 

High effectiveness with as little effort as possible - that is efficiency by definition. It is close to our hearts that you can carry out your energy and production processes as efficiently as possible. 


Not only our team but also our measuring instruments are extremely communicative. Integrated routers and the ARTEMES server chat with each other - and especially with you. 

And safe.  

State-of-the-art EMC requirements, traceable accuracies and, above all, secure transmission protocols mean that we can be sure that you will safely get through the measurement day. 

Floating on cloud 9. 

Others speak of happiness hormones and endorphins when they are floating on cloud nine, we speak of the CLOUD and mean our proven VPN network, through which the ARTEMES connects all instruments with each other and thus enables an easy, weightless exchange of data with the ARTEMES CLOUD server.

Wir lieben die fachliche Herausforderung

Zusammen mit der APG Austrian Power Grid AG durften wir spektakuläre Kurzschlussversuche durchführen. Als besonderer Ort des Geschehens diente unter anderem das Umspannwerk in Hessenberg in der Steiermark. 

Video: APG Austrian Power Grid AG - Beispiel einer Kurzschlussmessung


You need technical help? 

We are available from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Tektronix protection plan

Tektronix protection plan

Save time, money and effort with complete protection over several years for your product and comprehensively safeguard your investment with the complete protection plan.

ARTEMES Schulungen zu Energieeffizienz

ARTEMES Trainings

...  on energy efficiency and security in supply - bookable at any time. Our heart beats for measurement technology with a focus on energy and we offer our expertise in the form of training courses in various fields. 

Tek Encore - Tektronix Demogeräte zu günstigsten Preisen

Tektronix Encore - like new, only cheaper

Testet. Calibrated. Latest firmware. Newest accessory.

Tektronix ENCORE instruments are used products that have been tested, calibrated and refurbished according to original factory specifications.

Messgeräte von FLUKE

FLUKE measurement instruments

With a resolution of 320 x 240 Px, the TiS60+ thermal imaging camera from FLUKE delivers perfect work quality. See and detect things that are invisible to the eye.

ARTEMES GmbH  |  What and who is behind it?

Founded in 2013, we are now a small team of passionate and ambitious employees whose goal is to MEASURE the world. We live and breathe measurement as arte[s] me[nsioni]s - craftsmanship. 

For us, values such as trust in each other, mutual respect and appreciation, the sense of responsibility to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion and handshake quality are what count.