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A highly motivated team with high goals and many years of experience.

Founded in 2013.

ARTEMES was founded in 2013 and - at that time - the company was already able to build on decades of experience in the development and implementation of measurement systems. The core of the company is formed by Daniel Gschliesser as founder of DG-solutions and Werner Schöffer as former head of the Power business unit at an international measurement technology company.

The 1st in-house developed measuring instrument. 

The first measuring device that was developed in-house was the power analyser AM-10-PA. This one was aunched in summer 2014, followed by other instruments such as the measurement unit AM-50 or the cloud data logger AM-10-CLog. The new power analyser AM-10-PA2 has now been on the market since July 2016. Its successors are already the AM-2, the AM-4, AM-15 and the  AM-14.

arte[s] me[nsioni]s - ARTEMES as a craftsmanship. 

ARTEMES stands for arte[s] me[nsioni]s - the art of measurement. This means we see measurement as a craftsmanship and offer general measurement services and measurement technology - specialising on high-resolution measurements with high accuracy, high temporal resolution and synchronisation, and high channel density.

EN50160 - ISO50001

The aim of our measurements is to maintain power quality and energy efficiency in power grids. We act according to international standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001),  follow European norms (such as EN 50160, ISO50001) and develop measuring instruments in accordance with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A test standard.
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