Measuring Electrical Parameters.

We carry our measurements and provide measurement reports.

ARTEMES is your first-stop shop for measuring electrical parameters and receiving measurement reports.  

Measuring andevaluation. Beside the development of measuring instruments ARTEMES also offers  measurements as a service as well as the preparation of reports. 

  • load profile analysis 

  • power quality measurement

  • short circuits

  • earth faults

  • special measurement 

    Example for a short-circuit: APG Austrian Power Grid

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                  Power Quality

                  We carry out analyses according to the following regulations:

                  EN 50160 | IEC 61000-2-2 | IEC 61000-2-4 | IEC 61000-3-x | fault statistics | various connecting regulations  (e.g. TOR D2) | other standards on demand

                  Special Measuring

                  We are happy to support you with your special measurement requirements, such as

                  power analysis up to 2 MHz | frequency analysis up to 1 Mhz | harmonic analysis up to 150 kHz | flicker evaluation and flicker detection | ripple control signal analysis | earth fault measurement | voltage measurement

                  Special Measurements? We are here to help and advice you.

                  Find out how, when and according to which standards your measurement can be carried out.