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"It is not wisdom that makes us smarter, but experience!"

Tektronix has been developing and manufacturing test and measurement solutions for 75 years. The portfolio ranges from oscilloscopes and probes to analysers and signal generators. 

This experience makes the American company, which was founded in 1946, a market leader. Especially in recent years, instruments with new features have emerged that primarily address user-friendliness and offer perfect solutions.

Tektronix Offers Solutions.

Nothing remains undiscovered for Tektronix. Tektronix offers product solutions for various fields such as automotive, education and research, semiconductor, aerospace and defence. 


Perfect does not always mean something has to be new. Tektronix Encore offers refurbished and serviced demo units with the same warranty as new units and at a sensational price.

Up to 40% Tek Encore discount is for you!

30% Rabatt für das MDO3 Paket mit Optionen

3 Series MDO
Angebot gültig für 4-kanalige Scopes mit 350 MHz, 500 MHz oder 1 GHz BW und den folgenden Optionen: 

  • 3-MSO
  • 3-AFG
  • 3-BND

Gilt nur für Neuprodukte. Gültig in Europa. Bis 30.12.2022. Mit EDU Discount kombinierbar. 

Tektronix Protection-Plan

Save time, money and - most importantly - nerves with the Tektronix Complete Protection Plan. No matter what kind of damage it is, the complete protection plan is the perfect solution.

Turbo-Charge Programm

Holen Sie sich ein TBS1202C zum Preis des TBS1102C. NOCH BIS 30.09.2022!!!

Affordable performance combined with compact design. The digital storage oscilloscope offers the features, versatility and durability that educational institutions and embedded designers are looking for. 

Various reasons why you should reach for Tek.

Visit us and enjoy the quality and longevity of Tektronix products.