Complete product protection

What can't be repaired will be replaced!
28 May 2020 by
Complete product protection
Karin Bonvecchio

Complete protection for your product

Save time, money and effort with complete protection for your product over several years. No matter how your product was damaged - by an accident, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electrical overload (EOS) or normal wear and tear - your investment is fully protected by the Complete Protection Plan.

As part of a complete protection plan, units sent in for repair also receive firmware updates (if requested), security modifications and other necessary adjustments to keep your units running at optimal performance.

Accidents happen

Tektronix-Komplettschutz für Ihr Produkt
Tektronix complete protection for your product.
                      Who is immune to accidents? Not only when used in a production facility, but also in a controlled laboratory environment, your device may be exposed to various hazards. For example, it may fall down, be damaged during transport or suffer damage due to incorrect storage. Each of these incidents can result in repair or replacement costs of several thousand euros.

                      Have expenditure under control. With complete product protection from Tektronix, unforeseen expenses are reduced and your investment is protected.

                      The optimal solution.

                      • Term of 3 or 5 years

                      • Covering signs of wear and tear

                      • Coverage of damage due to ESD (electrostatic discharge) or EOS incidents

                      • One contact person to manage the entire service process

                      • free return

                      • Calibration (if required) included

                      Accidents happen. But we protect you from the consequences.

                      The complete product protection should be ordered at the time of purchase of the instrument.

                      Which plan is the right one for you?

                      The Tektronix factory warranty covers your machine against functional and constructional defects. In addition, there are several options that allow you to extend this warranty and protect yourself against expensive repairs. Choose the right plan for your needs.

                      Tektronix complete product protection. Options available for 3 or 5 years. 
                      Tektronix complete product protection. Options available for 3 or 5 years.
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