Tektronix Probe Selection Guide

The probe selection guide gives you a quick overview the ideal combination of probes and scopes. Which probe is compatible with your scope? 
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Oscilloscope Selection Guide

This selection guide provides an overview of the full range of Tektronix oscilloscopes: ranging from basic signal testing to high performance analysis.  This guide gives an overview of general specifications and features and shows the main differences between each oscilloscope range. A matrix of serial protocols supported by each Tektronix oscilloscope series is added as well.

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oscilloscopes, probes, 
RSA, AFG, etc. 

multimeter, current clamps, power quality, mobile / handheld measuring instruments 

test leads, probes 



multimeter, bench instruments, current clamps, sensors  



multimeter, current clamps, test and measurement equipment

current transducers


current clamps