Training on energy efficiency and security in supply - bookable at any time

Our heart beats for measurement technology with a focus on energy and we offer our expertise in the form of training courses on various special areas:


Odoo • Text and Image

Standard 1: Power Quality

(12 units)

Block 1: Basics on EMC in networks / terms
Block 2: Network topology and short-circuit power - theoretical background
Block 3: Voltage fluctuations, switch-on processes, flicker
Block 4: Harmonics
Block 5: Standards: EN50160, IEC 61000-2-4, other standards and regulations related to the topic
Block 6: Measurement – Hands-on Training

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Standard 2: Measurement technology for electrical energy efficiency and energy monitoring

(8 units)

Block 1: Basic concepts of alternating current electrical power
Block 2: Measurement of Electrical Power and Energy
Block 3: Hands-on training - independent measurement in teams of 2
Block 4: Data evaluation - independent evaluation and interpretation of the load profiles